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  • Por do sol Serrambi Resort

The beach Serrambi is a paradise celebrated by Pernambuco and little known by tourists.

A lush waterfront protected by coral reefs which form natural pools irresistible.

Serrambi also differentiates itself by being inside a gated community with full security, only frequented by vacationers who have discovered this magical piece of nature.

You spit in this beach that's Resort Serrambi a virtually private area that has one side calm and shallow waters that invite a swim and the other a quiet cove, ideal for water sports.

One of the most amazing pieces of northeastern coastline, the Resort is fast and safe road access to capital, Recife (70 km) and Porto de Galinhas (12 km, 15 minutes).

So is Serrambi Resort, an easy place to reach and difficult to want to leave!

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