Holidays in Serrambi Resort

Your family deserves to enjoy this paradise!

The Serrambi Resort is located close to Porto de Galinhas on Serrambi Beach , a very private beach, practically private, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Northeast of Brazil.

The Serrambi Resort offers a complete leisure structure with swimming pools, amphitheater, tennis court, beach volleyball, soccer, games room and fitness center with sea view, as well as the excellent nautical structure and diving school Abissal - PADI .

If you just choose to relax, take in the scenery, sunbathing in the warm waters with natural pools and the lush sunsets offered by nature.

For all this, Serrambi is the most beautiful and fantastic beach in the Northeast and the Serrambi Resort is the best for you and your family! 

Enjoy, make your reservation:
Phone: +55 (81) 3466-0655
WhatsApp: +55 (81) 9421-1561